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Privacy & Cookies Policy

Progressive Lettings Privacy & Cookies Policy

Disclosure of information

Progressive Lettings and Property management take all reasonable care to prevent any unauthorised access to and use of your personal data. Our staff and those working for our agents and contractors maintain a responsibility to keep your information confidential and will only use it to offer relevant products and services related to your enquiry.
Any personal details that we use to provide or promote our products and services to you (e.g. name, address, email address, telephone number, or any details of the services you have purchased or about which you have enquired) will not be passed to any third party organisation for marketing purposes without your permission and will not be used by us for any purpose other than that which you requested.
The Internet is not a secure medium. However to protect your data we put in place various security procedures including use of firewalls, backup measures, we limit access to data to relevant personnel and password protect all machinery holding personal data.

Personal information

You don’t have to register to access Progressive Lettings and Property management website; but please note so we can help you find exactly what you require as quickly as possible, the more you tell us about your preferences the easier it is for us to help you and this is why we encourage you to register with us.
Once you have registered we will know your specific requirements allowing us to recommend properties or services of potential interest to you. Your details may be combined with other information in our records in order to: Save you having to keep giving us the same information for different services offered by Progressive Lettings and Property management. Help you to get more out of your visits to our website by suggesting information about products and services which may be useful to you and to keep your details up to date.
When you register you consent to us using your personal data in the manner described in this Policy. If you do not register, the personal data we collect from you will be limited to the specific enquiry you have made. Progressive Lettings and Property management will use that data for no other purpose than to facilitate that transaction.


This website or an embedded component from a trusted partner may automatically create a ‘cookie’ when you visit us. A ‘cookie’ is a piece of information that is held on your PC, which enables our website to recognise you on subsequent visits and allows us to tailor your visit to your specific requirements. As the ‘cookie’ is based on your PC we are unable to recognise you if you visit any of our websites from a different PC unless you register with us. If you do register then you will be able to login from any PC using login details. This website’s use of ‘cookies’ does not include the collection of any personal information regarding the use of your PC or internet browsing in any way.
If you do not want a cookie to be created on your PC, web browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer provide the option to disable them. Please note that some personalised services on this site may not be available if you choose to disable cookies
You can read more about cookies and their use at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s dedicated website:

CookiesFunction Cookies48 MonthsFunction cookie
FacebookFacebook48 MonthsN Facebook 29 Used to track visitors Features for sharing via Facebook. Does not set a cookie by itself, but if one is present it will read it.
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics48 MonthsGoogle Analytics is a simple, easy-to-use tool that helps website owners measure how users interact with website content. As a user navigates between web pages, Google Analytics provides website owners JavaScript tags (libraries) to record information about the page a user has seen, for example the URL of the page. The Google Analytics JavaScript libraries use HTTP Cookies to "remember" what a user has done on previous pages / interactions with the website.
Google MapsGoogle Maps48 MonthsGoogle Maps 2 Google uses these cookies for their Google Maps service, but does not provide details on what these cookies are used for at the time of writing. 3 found
PREF Google TranslatePREF Google Translate48 MonthsPREF 10 This cookie performs a custom function for this website.


Progressive Lettings and Property management comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 in the United Kingdom. We respect the privacy of personal email accounts and we store your email address as securely as any other personal information we hold. We will not send you unwanted email messages or junk mail and your details will not be passed to any organisation outside Progressive Lettings and Property management without your explicit permission.
If you have given us permission, we may use email to send you messages to keep you up to date with news about Progressive Lettings and Property management current services, as well as anything you express an interest in, either online or through other contact with Progressive Lettings and Property management

Third party sites

Third party internet sites that you can link through to from our website are not covered by our Privacy and Security policy, so we accept no responsibility or liability for these sites and as such recommend you view the terms and conditions and privacy policy displayed on these sites.

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