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Landlords Turning Away From LHA

Landlords Turning Away From LHA

With the recent changes to the LHA allowance and fears from Landlords as to what other changes the government may have in mind it comes as no surprise that many seasoned landlords who have been quite at home providing accommodation to tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit are now looking to leave the sector. HomelessWith rental demand from tenants in the private sector at an all time high its easy to see why so many landlords are finding the pull away from LHA tenants and moving back to the private sector so appealing.

But there are fears from many of the housing charities such as Shelter that as we see unemployment continuing to rise more and more LHA tenants are going to be left out of the Private housing market placing ever increasing pressure on the local authorities and there dwindling resources.

director of policy for the British Property Federation Ian Fletcher stated that if this happens it would be a “tragedy” for the industry, but most landlords will want to make sure their tenants who are reliant on benefits still have somewhere to live.

He explained that the government needs to do more to convince landlords to stay in the market when the changes to housing benefit are made by the coalition as part of its cost-cutting plans said Mr fletcher

This echoes the recent calls from Chris Town, vice-chair of the Residential Landlords Association, who called on the coalition government to do more to support landlords in the currency financial climate which at the moment appear to be falling on deaf ears.

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